Digital Prankster Has Fun With Big Archaeological Find in Greece


The social media was buzzing with rage when a photo of a gratified archaeological site— one of the most important finds in Greek history— appeared to be vandalized by spray paint. The northern Greek soccer team PAOK was spray painted on the tomb, believed to be that of someone close to Alexander the Great that was uncoevered by archaeologists recently in Amphipolis, northern Greece.

“Blasphemy” and “shocking” were some of the words used as the photoshopped picture went viral on Facebook and Twitter with outraged Greeks spewing angry epithets at the would be graffiti vandals.

It was quickly revealed, however, that no such damage was done— as real photos emerged from the site— and someone was just having a bit of photoshop soccer fun on behalf of their favorite team.

They’re right when they say— don’t believe what you see on the internet. See the doctored– and real– photos, below.





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