Danialle Karmanos: Changing Lives, One Asana at a Time in Detroit


While she’s not taking care of her four sons Socrates, Leonidas, Spiros and Aristides— Danialle Karmanos is taking care of an entire city of children.

Her charity has a simple goal— to introduce yoga to inner city children in Detroit, a city that’s experienced crippling poverty and an increase in violence.

But it didn’t start as a yoga-driven program. Instead, it was inspired by childhood obesity.


More than 7,500 kids in Detroit have participated in the yoga and nutrition program

Karmanos and her husband Peter are news junkies. They read five newspapers a day and the childhood obesity epidemic caught her attention after reading so much about it and she was inspired to do something.

“We wanted to fight for these kids in a meaningful way,” she says. Karmanos founded Danialle Karmanos’ Work it Out in 2005 and since then has changed thousands of lives.

Part of the fight is helping them relieve stress. “Kids often don’t know they are stressed,” Karmanos says. Stress can be toxic. It can lead to weigh gain, behavior problems such as bullying or being bullied, and health issues later in life including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Danialle and her husband, Peter Karmanos Jr.

Danialle and her husband, Peter Karmanos Jr.

An astonishing 7,500 kids have participated in the 10-week “Work it Out” yoga and nutrition program in Detroit’s elementary schools.

The Work It Out sessions are led by volunteers, all of whom are certified yoga instructors.

The results have been amazing.


Sound mind, sound body– an age old tradition

93 percent of the kids who took class said it made them feel good
72 percent said they used breathing techniques to reduce stress
69 percent either changed or tried healthier foods


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