Chef Michael Symon Isn’t Afraid to Speak His Mind on Donald Trump


He is one of the nation’s most celebrated chefs and much of his cooking inspiration comes from the Greek side of his Greek-Sicilian ancestry.

His Cleveland restaurants are amongst the city’s most celebrated dining spots and one would think he wants to capitalize on the upcoming Republican National Convention taking place in the city this summer.

But Symon— in typical Michael Symon style— wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when he told a radio show live on the air that “”There’s not a chance I’d let him into one of my restaurants,” when asked if he was expecting Donald Trump at his restaurants.

Two of Symon’s most well-known eateries — Lola and Mabel’s BBQ — are on East Fourth Street, the city’s premier restaurant and entertainment areas and close to the Quicken Loans Arena, where Trump will officially become the GOP presidential nominee.

Symon said it wasn’t a political thing— instead, saying that Trump “creeps him out.”

“I’ve been fortunate or unfortunate enough to meet him through the years. I’m not going to lie, he creeps me out a little bit,” Symon said, reiterating that it wasn’t a political thing.

“I come from a mixed political family, which is always fun around this time,” Symon said on the air (listen to clip below), adding that “Anybody that knows me knows I’m not afraid to speak my mind, so there’s that. But this isn’t a Democratic/Republican thing, trust me. It’s just that he creeps me out.”

Simon is best known for his numerous appearances on the Food Network’s Iron Chef and ABC’s The Chew, a nationally-broadcast daytime cooking show.

The audio from Michael Symon’s discussion is below:


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  1. Malaka! Typical Lib celebrity. ..
    We live in Cleveland and always dine elsewhere. Nobody cares about your political inclinations. Just cook. Now, half of your market said Yassoo.

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