Beyonce’s Grammy Greek Connection


By the end of the night, she may not have won album of the year, but Beyonce broke the Grammy internet both for her performances, her record-breaking number of Grammy nominations— and of course, her style, all of which was trending on every social medium imaginable and known to mankind.

Hell, she was probably trending on Mars, too, that night— particularly for her other-worldly look on stage that was a fantastical cross between a Star Wars princess, a Byzantine priestess and yes, the famous Venus de Milo, also known as Aphrodite of Milos.

In fact, the latter two— the Byzantine priestess and the ancient Greek statuette were indeed inspirations behind Beyonce’s look at the Grammys, encouraged and inspired by the Greek heritage of one of the fashion geniuses behind her styling that evening.

Beyonce’s look was just as talked about as her music at the Grammys, thanks to fashion geniuses Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis.

Peter Dundas and Chicago-native Evangelo Bousis launched a new label at the Grammys and their first opportunity to showcase their talent couldn’t have gone better.

Under the label of Peter Dundas, the duo who are partners in life, as well as in business, got an introduction like no other at the Grammys.

Dundas and Beyonce have a history. He dressed her for the Met Gala in 2011 and during his stint at Cavalli, he gave her the famous lemon-yellow tiered dress that she wore when she smashed a baseball bat into a car window in her video for Hold Up, from her acclaimed Lemonade album.

Dundas announced the creation of his label, with his partner Bousis co-creating, on Instagram while the Grammys were going on. They both posted whimsical sketches to their Instagram pages while Beyonce appeared live on stage wearing the creations, which themselves, carried a lot of Greek influence.


Dundas said in a New York Times interview that he worked with Beyonce’s stylist Marni Senofonte, adding numerous inspirations from Yoruban mythology, the Greek Venus de Milo and Byzantine crowns to create the gold gown she performed in, as well as the veil she wore when she accepted one of her two Grammys.


Incidentally, Dundas and Bousis also designed the red-sequined gown which she spent the remainder of the night in.


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