Awareness and Support for the Mediterranean’s Fragility by Greece’s Premier Beach Towel Company Sun of a Beach


I love great ideas and when I come across one, I love to share it with people who read my posts. When that idea involves a great, Greek brand that I’m a huge fan of— even better.

I first was introduced to Sun of a beach a few years ago and since then have ONLY used the towels for my beach and pool vacations. They look and feel great and knowing that i’m supporting a Greek company that is enduring the financial crisis creates added benefit.

This year Sun of a Beach, seeking to raise awareness to the fragility of the ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea which is such an important part of Greek life, partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to produce a special line of towels highlighting marine life.

Overfishing, climate change and pollution are all taking their toll on that precious sea that we all love and rely on to make our vacations special when we visit Greece and every day there is added pressure on the delicate balance of marine life.

Sun of a Beach created a series of three, limited edition beach towels— complete with their baby version for your kiddies— called the “Endangered Sea Life” series. The art was created by Joanna Buternshaw. In addition to raising awareness to their already huge, global audience of buyers, Sun of a Beach is donating 10% of all proceeds to WWF for their work in protecting marine life.

Get your Sun of a Beach limited edition beach towel here. And if sea creatures aren’t your thing, they have a bunch of other cool styles that comprise their regular line of towels that are sold online and throughout the world in beachwear shops.


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