Award Winning Greek Film “Amerika Square” in New York City


Hailed as “one of the best European films to date on the subject of immigration” (The Hollywood Reporter), this riveting Greek drama tackles the hot-button issue with a clear-eyed urgency. The film will screen in New York City at the Museum of Moving Image on May 14th at 6:30pm.

It charts the intersecting fates of three people living in an Athens housing complex: a local, aging hipster bar owner who falls in love with an African singer; a Syrian refugee who turns to a human trafficker in order to emigrate to Germany; and an unstable, xenophobic nationalist who takes matters into his own hands to stop the influx of migrants.

Amerika Square: A film by director Yannis Sakaridis will screen in New York City at the Museum of Moving Image.

What plays out between them is a bracing, morally complex look at the human side of the immigration debate.

The film, by director Yannis Sakaridis who helmed the critically-acclaimed film Wild Duck, will screen at the Museum of Moving Image in Astoria as part of the Panorama Europe 2017.

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