Astoria and Its Greek Heritage a Major Part of NYC’s New Tourism Campaign


Greektown USA, also known as Astoria, New York, is being marketed as a major tourist destination by NYC and Co., the official tourism bureau of New York City. In a new series of press and publicity, the Queens neighborhood which is home to thousands of Greek Americans and serves as the heart of the city’s Greek world, is receiving top priority from the city’s tourism officials.

The campaign focuses heavily on Astoria’s history and heritage as a film and media center, including being the location of the movie studio in the United States which is still functioning. The industry is represented by the Museum of Moving Image with a rich collection of historical materials.

Of course, Astoria– called a “stronghold of Greek tradition” in the campaign, focuses heavily on Greek food, culture and heritage. The campaign features Peter and Chris Giannakas, two native Astorians who own Ovelia, a popular Greek restaurant and local hang out of many of the Greek American young professionals that call Astoria their home.



  1. constantine sirigos on

    nice, but please dont call us Greektown USA. we are a real neighborhood. And lets not forget (most dont even know) that until 1970s, New York’s Greektown was Hells Kitchen, between 8th and 10th avenue and 34 and 60 streets. many, like my family, lived further north, where Lincoln Center is today

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