When Aristotle Onassis Wanted to Make Marilyn Monroe a Princess


The Aristotle Onassis-Marilyn Monroe connection involves a bizarre scheme by the wily Greek shipping magnate that— had it succeeded— would have made the American blond bombshell Her Serene Royal Highness Princess Marilyn of Monaco.

It was the 1950s and Aristotle Onassis had invested heavily in Monaco. He wanted to give the tiny nation a facelift and add a bit of glitz and glam to attract international attention. He thought, who better to bring this badly-needed glamour but Marilyn Monroe herself— the number one Hollywood actress at the time.

Prince Ranier was ready for marriage and through intermediaries, Onassis approached Marilyn. Onassis overlooked the fact that Monroe wasn’t Catholic and was already divorced twice— a no-no for European royalty at that time.

Marilyn found the idea appealing but didn’t take it seriously. She admitted that she had never heard of Monaco and didn’t know where it was on a map. She also called her would-be husband “Prince Reindeer” when asked about the plan. Marilyn was involved with playwright Arthur Miller at that time and Prince Ranier went on to wed Grace Kelly— another Hollywood star.

This too, was Onassis’ idea, according to a book by movie producer Robert Evans.



  1. Katina Campos on

    My papou used to tell me these stories, with emphasis on how women have the power to rule the world

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