Arianna Huffington Speaks to IMF Chief Christine Lagarde About Greece; Grexit is ‘Not in the Cards’


In an interview on her online network Huffpost Live, Arianna Huffington spoke to the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde about events happening in Greece. Watch the interview below.



  1. this interview did not enlighten me whatsoever… she kept repeating the same answer and neglecting the fact that their program has brought the opposite of growth and instead a humanitarian crisis of horrific proportions… I am so frustrated with their stupid answers… why don’t they just be transparent and say that the banks are our priority… WHY DID SHE SKIP OVER THE COMMENT OF SUICIDE RATES AND SADNESS OVER AN ENTIRE COUNTRY… are the few people in these banks more important than the millions of countries… I AM FED UP

  2. Austerity is a political choice, not an economic necessity. The government choose to cut our vital public services instead of making the banks and tax dodgers pay up.

  3. Rhoula Pappas on

    I thought the interviewer was extremely diplomatic about how she posed her questions. Journalism in a long road where you do not want to antagonize your high level sources and lose them. I am always puzzled how Madame Lagarde can get any work at all done with a deep tan like that. Anyone can laze in a lawn chair with a file folder and a lemonade. I do it all the time. The problem is that the sun has a tendency to throw the comprehension off. Einstein did not sit in the sun. He sat on his kitchen chair imagining what it would be like to sit on the end of a beam of light to see what he might see. Anyone who actually works on complex files knows there is no time to tan. We know that the last guy in her job, was not what his mother thought he was. What this boils down to is the points of reference of the Search and Employ Committee which hired her. The real give away that Ms. Lagarde may not be a financial whiz was when she kept repeating,

    They must capitalize….mmm…bla bla bla capitalize, mmm capitalize…

    Who…What kind of person would want to capitalizes on a humanitarian disaster is what we should be thinking about when we imagine ourselves sitting on a beam of light to see what we might see.

    Now, its important to know that small business is not capital. It is not a book store. It is not an apartment block. Capital is big money. Big transnational money. Money that does not have its head office in the same place as its workers live. What she means by capitalize is, sell the Port of Pireaus harbour facilities to a foreign headquartered company who will lower the long shore workers wages. This would be like selling Ellis Island. The Greek people, the taxpayers paid to build the port. Once sold, they will never get it back. Say. war breaks out. Say, the aggressor state is the state in which the head office is located. See what I mean. You have sold a strategic resource. She means sell your fresh drinking water to a water company so they can charge people more than the town council charges. Say you sell your water supply, you will never get it back. Ms. Lagarde used to be the head of an international law firm. The reason you will not be able to get your port or your water or your olive groves back will be the iron clad international contracts which she knows all about with her eyes closed. That may, just may, be why, dear reader, that she is so tanned. Is she not a beauty.

    I notice that Ms.. Huffington is not tanned.

  4. Greece is the victim of a Wall Street swindle fronted by, amongst others, Angela Merkle and Christine Lagarde .

    Greece has problems. There is an entrenched corrupt political class. Corruption filters down to things like some people not paying their taxes. Prime Minister Tsipras has promised his voters that he will fight it. I believe him. Social change takes time. Honest working women everywhere have to speak up against queen bee madams like Christine Lagarde because the stakes are extremely high for Greece and for vulnerable women, men, children, the sick and aged.

    PP, please don’t remove the link. People need real information.

  5. Sally Tournas on

    At what cost and to whose benefit has the Greek deficit been been reduced!! Could it be…at the demise of Greece?

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