An Unforgettable Musical Moment on Greek TV: A Century After Near Annihilation, Pontos Lives


One of the most popular music shows on Greek TV is “The Voice” which brings amateur singers to sing, as a panel of judges– well-known music industry professionals, singers and producers– to select or reject singers for participation in the show. The show is usually filled with pop music with young singers trying their luck in front of the judges. Rarely do we see traditional Greek music performed on such shows but Kostas Ageris went against the grain. He auditioned with a traditional song of the Pontian people called “Tin Patrida Mou Ehasa” (I lost my fatherland), a traditional song about the plight of Pontians who were kicked out of their millennia-old lands in what is today modern day Turkey. Watch the clip below and watch the reaction of the judges.



  1. It ıs respected; today we still spoke the Pontian language in the area and you may hear more of these songs as well.

    But as being allies with Russians & Greeks during the World War I ; it is a sad fact that both nations could no longer live together. Yes, it was millenia-old lands of Pontinas but how about before them ? It was belonged to someone else. Countries, cities, even nations rise and fall ; this is perfectly normal.

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