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Advertising In The Pappas Post

Advertising in The Pappas Post is a great way to reach hundreds of thousands of people interested in, reading about, or visiting Greece.

According to published statistics that are viewable to anyone with an internet connection, we have been reaching between 400,000 and 500,000 unique viewers monthly on average over the past 18 months.

These numbers are compounded by our social media outreach and solid Facebook presence with over 125,000 followers on our page.

We are the definitive source online for great, engaging and original content about “the world of Greece in English.”

We offer both simple and creative solutions for you to get your content, brand or story shared with a target audience of people.

If you don’t see a viable solution for your advertising needs below, be sure to reach out for a creative package that we can develop that might fulfill your needs. Packages can include written content and/or photo galleries, interviews and other methods to connect you with our readers.

(1) Banner Advertising on Website

We have various shapes and packages to fit your budget. Download our banner advertising media kit here: PP-banner-advertising.

(2) Video Placement on our Facebook Page

Have your own video you’d like us to share and feature on our Facebook page with over 125,000 followers? We will publish the video directly to our page and link to your website or social media profile.

Posted and 1 week pinned to top: €900 / $1,000
Posted and 2 weeks pinned to top: €1350/$1,500

(3) Classified Advertising in The Pappas Post

Beginning in early January 2017, we will begin a special column on The Pappas Post with classified advertisements. It’s an easy place to post a job listing, a piece of property for sale or any similar announcement you’d like to make.

Place your classified advertisement on The Pappas Post and reach a global audience. You can include text and images with direct contact information for responses to your advertisement. In addition to appearing on our website, we will share our classified on our Facebook page once per week.

(4) 72 Perfect Hours in (Special travel/destination series)

Introducing a new travel series in The Pappas Post with a diverse range of advertising and media placement opportunities for hotels and travel-related companies.

The Pappas Post is developing a series of articles under the banner “72 Perfect Hours in…” and will feature various Greek locations, targeting primarily the millions of visitors who will visit Greece this summer.

Some of our stories will be written internally, based on our own experiences, while others will be featured by CNN and Fodor travel writer Marissa Tejada. As a professional writer, her work has been published in top travel media including CNN Travel, Forbes, Wine Enthusiast and a variety of lifestyle magazines. She’s also a co-writer for the top English-language travel books Fodor’s Greece and Fodor’s Greek Islands.

Our “72 Perfect Hours” series will also be accompanied by a multi-channel campaign that will include “Photos of the Day” on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles which combined, reach hundreds of thousands of followers.

Our series of individual stories will begin in early June and will be focused on the following regions:


*More in the pipeline

See 72 Perfect Hours in Vouliagmeni, which has already been visited more than 128,000 times on the website (as of 10/23/2016)

Advertising opportunities in 72 Perfect Hours column:

Simple Banner €200 / $225
702px x 242px
Advertiser provides the pre-sized banner which will be embedded within the post. Advertiser must provide advertisement in proper size and format. We can create the advertisement for an additional cost. The banner will link to a URL you designate.

Photo Gallery Banner €400 / $450
Advertiser provides text and up to 12 photos for a scrolling gallery advertisement which will be embedded in the post, allowing readers to see your photos of your property, restaurant or food items. This is an ideal option for hotels and restaurants with good visual imagery. Photos must be provided in JPG or TIFF format and must be at least 702 pixels in width, or larger.

Embedded Video €500 / $560
Advertiser provides video that will be embedded to automatically play while the user scrolls on the post. The video can be streamed from the advertiser’s YouTube or Vimeo channel or sent in raw form for us to embed into the site.

Column Sponsorship €1000 / $1125
A hotel property may choose to sponsor the entire column. In this instance, the story will be written from the point of view of the guest staying at the specific hotel. No other hotels will be listed in the column’s “stay at” section but the sponsor. Furthermore, the sponsoring hotel gets (1) photo gallery, (1) banner ad and (1) embedded video in the column.

Note: Your ad will ONLY appear in the designated “72 Perfect Hours in…” column that you will select. If you would like additional information about generic banner advertising on the website which appears on ALL posts and on the main website, please contact Agamemnon Polyzois for standard banner advertising rates.

(4) Additional Travel-related opportunities

Dedicated Destination Column €2,000 / $2225
If you are interested in highlighting a specific property, destination, region, town or municipality, we can send our writer to document and share your story. This option is ideal for tourism offices of municipalities who want real and first-hand reporting about the specific destination, as told from our writers’ experiences.

This option is also ideal for large destinations with a great history and story to tell. The cost does NOT include travel expenses for the writer and a minimum of two nights accommodation, which may be offered from a sponsoring hotel if travel is required in order to create the content. Contact us for additional information.

Video Placement on our Facebook Page
Have your own video you’d like us to share and feature on our Facebook page with over 120,000 followers? We will publish the video directly to our page and link to your website or Facebook page.

Posted and 1 week pinned to top: €900 / $1,000
Posted and 2 weeks pinned to top: €1350/$1,500