A Powerful Message to Europeans from a Greek Woman: New Video Going Viral Throughout Europe


Since words can do no justice to the powerful message of this video, entitled “In Case I Don’t Die – A Greek Whisper to Europe”— It’s worth 10 minutes of your day to watch this simple, Greek message to Germans, French and all Europeans.



  1. Is there any way we can obtain a transcript of her talk … it is so mindblowing that it should be shared on every avenue possible. She has the subtle ability to uncover the underlying and lurking dangers, less aware individuals are asleep to.

  2. Wonderful film, sentiment, reality!

    However, this character/person embodies the naive and childlike attitude / philosophy in Europe that has led to where Greece is today.

    Having lived there in the last six years and lived as ‘Xenos’ or foreigner, I can qualify this profoundly. She states she never took a bribe, nonsense, the money that either she or her family earned came about with bribes all the money is tainted in the country.

    She states she is the victim of Troika, nonsense, she is the victim of her own people, nation and system of welfare society, of those who took the bribes that SHE voted for. I am so very sorry to state this as I loved my time there and left many good friends that due to the system cannot build or grow. The country announced their plans to DE-Industrialization several years back. How is money to be made in Greece without producing? How are young people to re-build when their own country prevents them to?

    This film shows the blame game that is part of the culture as much as the Acropolis and the Ionian sea, and as deep as their myths, including the jealousy and self pity.

    It is something that is not understandable unless you are from there.

    I hope for the best, but some attitudes need to change…

    • Bribes were a part of the landscape, but, not everyone is tainted as you claim. What makes you think that her parent’s earnings were part of the corruption?. The reason for the crisis is the same thing that happened in the US with millions of homeowners owning more on their mortgage than the house is worth. A big percentage lost their home. The banks are to blame, for making lending so easy, that many people lost their moral compass and borrowed more than they could repay. I don’t know where you’re from, but, if you want to talk of corruption, lets talk of the situation here in the US. The gun lobby finances politician’s campaigns, to flood the country with all kinds of guns and the tens of thousands of deaths every year of American citizens do not matter. At least, in Greece, lives matter. Here, they don’t, when it comes to the almighty profits. And this is legalized bribing, since the supreme court struck down all campaign finance limits. Do you think that “our” elected representatives will follow the voter’s commands, or the deep pockets of their “donors”? If this is not corruption, I don’t know what is.
      Most Greeks that i have met are hard working and honest. They don’t deserve this. Germans killed millions of innocents during the war and yet, they don’t have to pay reparations. greeks didn’t kill anyone and yet, they have to pay back every dime. In my book, this is not fair.
      Unfortunately, your moral compass is skewed also. You lived there for six years and you have no idea of the roots of this inhuman crisis. I would suggest that you should learn before you speak such nonsense

  3. Αγαπητή κοπέλα το ευρώ ΔΕΝ ήταν ποτέ “το κοινό μας νόμισμα” αλλά ένας τρόπος για τράπεζες και πολυεθνικές να δημιουργήσουν μια ενιαία αγορά, χωρίς εθνικά νομίσματα, και φόρους εισαγωγής στις διάφορες χώρες.

    Βγάλε τα κόκκινα παπούτσια σου, και φόρα αρβύλες γιατί η ελπίδα ΔΕΝ είναι αριστερό συναίσθημα, ούτε δεξιό ή κεντρώο.
    Όχι όταν η αριστερά δεν αντιδρά αλλά βαπτίζει την τρόϊκα θεσμούς και υπογράφει νεα μνημόνια και δάνεια.

    Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση ΔΕΝ είναι η Ευρώπη των λαών αλλά το θέατρο οικονομικού πολέμου.
    Μην σκίζεις το καλσόν σου, θα το χρειαστείς στους χειμώνες που έρχονται.

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