39 Photos that Will Help People Understand Why So Many Syrians are Fleeing their Country


The massive refugee crisis has impacted Greece like no other country in Europe.

Greece, with open sea borders and Turkey as a neighbor, which has done nothing to prevent the flow of refugees by illegal smugglers, has seen almost 1 million people pass through its islands this year alone.

While many people are quick to comment and add their two social media cents, the issue of the Syrian civil war is complicated and numerous nations, factions and internal and external forces are at work, making the whole issue an enigma to many.

The following 39 images may help people understand the reason millions of people are fleeing Syria.



  1. so looking at this shithole you would think that they would see this is paradise and be happy and try really hard to improve their situation by becoming part of the solution

    • And what are you saying the solution is? Please since you seem to realize what it is share since governments world wide have been trying to solve the problem. The people of Syria are being ruthlessly killed by Daesh and not given protection by their own government who actually works against them. Maybe you should do some more research

  2. Jayne Starcevic on

    This was their beautiful home and it has become hell on earth. The people who are fleeing this disaster want peace. Do not mistake refugees for terrorists. Why aren’t people asking why our governments are accepting Saudi Arabia as a member of the United Nations human rights council? A country that murders people. A country who has provided arms and funding for the terrorists. This is what needs to be confronted and dealt with. This country’s leadership is a dictatorship which is actively involved in the expansion of fascism. Don’t attack the victims of these crimes. Attack the perpetrators.

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  4. excuse me but how can someone talk about dictatorship… As far as i know Assad was elected from the Syrian people… SO THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT…the problem is THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE Assad, and have caused this terrorism.. And we all know who that is

  5. Yeah the problem is that there is no central bank in Syria,,,the problem is that Syria was free from bankers and s thats the price they had to pay

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