32 Drown, 11 Still Missing in Separate Incidents off Samos and Kos


The bodies of 24 migrants, including 10 children, were discovered off the Greek island of Samos Thursday after their boat capsized, according to an official statement from the Greek coast guard.

A dinghy carrying 45 people capsized that was en route to the Greek island.

There were “five boys and five girls among the victims, while 10 people were pulled from the water unharmed, but in a state of shock,” a coastguard spokeswoman said.

The news was received by coast guard authorities by one of the survivors, who managed to swim to shore.

In a separate accident, another boat sank off the island of Kos, leaving seven dead, including two children.

Two hundred people have drowned trying to get to Greece this month.

As the Aegean turns into a sea of death, European officials continue to argue amongst themselves on how to handle the influx of refugees.

It appears that ruthless Turkish smugglers are increasing their activity, working what appears to be unimpeded by Turkish officials or police.

Some European countries have accused Greece of not doing enough to stem the flow of refugees and have threatened Greece with expulsion from the Schengen passport-free travel zone.

Greece has defended its role, stating that it is impossible to protect thousands of miles of sea border when you have tens of thousands of desperate people who are determined to cross the border any way they can.

Athens has also reminded European officials that it is both illegal and dangerous to attempt to turn back potential asylum seekers at sea, and that trying to do so would inevitably lead to yet more deaths.



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